5 tips to prevent being struck by an object.

Did you know being struck by an object is one of the leading causes of construction-related deaths? That’s why this hazard falls under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s list of Fatal Four construction risks. How do struck-by events happen and what types of accidents and injuries can result? OSHA shares, “Workers are most often … Read more

What does equipment breakdown insurance cover? Explore 4 business benefits.

Almost every business today relies on technology to keep operations running smoothly. Everything from computers to communications equipment, machinery and motors to HVAC and electrical systems are critical. For your business to succeed, all of the equipment and systems need to continue working, efficiently and effectively. But what if a piece of equipment breaks, malfunctions, … Read more

Promptly Reporting Workers Compensation Claims: 5 Key Benefits.

Workers compensation protects both employers and employees. It offers financial and medical support for team members who are injured on the jobsite. And, it helps business owners prevent lost income, lost time, and potential lawsuits. But for the coverage to work effectively, it’s critical to report workers compensation claims promptly. Why is immediate reporting so … Read more

9 Steps For Your Business.

As a business owner, there are few experiences scarier than having your business or property damaged by a tornado or hurricane. Natural disasters can come out of nowhere and can cost you time, money, clients, and stress. But the more equipped you are to respond, the fewer losses you’ll incur. Wondering what to do after … Read more

8 Things Every Driver Should Know.

U driving? No txting. When you’re behind the wheel, glancing at a text from your friend or sending off a quick reply can seem harmless. But taking your eyes away from the road — even for an instant — can be deadly. Need additional convincing to keep your phone down and your hands on the … Read more