Keep Your Children Safe with the teenSMART Teen Driving Course

The teen years bring many milestone moments. Perhaps none is more simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking for parents than the day your teen becomes a driver. Even the most responsible teen drivers face many potential dangers ranging from passenger distractions to the temptation to text, unfavorable road conditions to hazards posed by other drivers behind the … Read more

Tech Startup vs. Established Organization: Which Is For Me?

Professionals seeking jobs in software engineering, data science, AI, product development, and other tech fields have traditionally had a more seamless job search experience than those looking for positions in other industries. Why? Because the tech industry just keeps growing. In 2022 alone, companies across sectors opened up nearly 300,000 new tech roles, creating countless … Read more

Named Insured vs. Additional Insured: What’s the Difference?

Insurance can be confusing enough at times, and adding terms like “named insured,” “other insured,” and “additional insured” to the mix doesn’t help. While these terms may sound similar, they each signify different levels of liability protection afforded with a policy, so it’s important you understand the meaning of each. Who is the “named insured” … Read more

Connecting Business Needs to Technology Solutions

Connecting business needs with technology solutions can be a complex dynamic for any business.  For many companies, tech adds functionality to the systems supporting various stakeholders. Leveling up requires exploring customer wants, then layering on new technology solutions to meet those emerging and evolving needs.  Beyond that, successful integration requires bringing together the right leadership … Read more

10 Top IT Jobs Columbus Ohio

As of 2022, Columbus, Ohio, ranks as America’s ninth most affordable city. This ranking is largely due to affordable housing in the area and the fact that the overall cost of living remains 11% lowerthan the national average. However, one of the most often overlooked aspects of Columbus’ appeal is access to many incredible career … Read more