People-First Policies Define Central Insurance’s Benefits Packages

Central Insurance operates on a people-first culture, so when feedback on its employee engagement survey suggested the paid time off policy had room for improvement, the company took it to heart. 

“At Central Insurance, we invest in our people and treat each of our employees as owners,” says Vice President of Human Resources Jena Wierwille. “When we heard from our team that paid leave was an area for improvement, we acted.” 

Inspired by progressive policies within the tech industry, the company revamped its PTO package to maximize flexibility, better support employees and their families, and foster a company culture that prioritizes the care of its people.  

Why create a modern paid time off policy?

The insurance industry is rapidly evolving, and Central’s benefits package needed to reflect a workplace built for the future. 

“The ability to offer forward-thinking, cutting-edge employee benefits in our industry is a top priority,” says Wierwille. “Our employees should never have to choose between their work and taking care of themselves and their families. We believe this is the right move for Central Insurance and its people, and directly aligns with our vision for the future of the organization.”

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Looking to the tech industry

When developing its modern paid time off policy, Central based its decisions on the progressive policies found in the tech industry, known to be the most competitive PTO industry. 

“What we liked about the tech industry was its culture of autonomy and ownership, which is a direct reflection of Central’s culture,” says Wierwille. “We wanted to take that autonomy and owner mindset and weave in the responsibility for employees to design their own experience—when and where you work, when you take time off, and how you blend it together.” Offering a modern paid time off policy allows employees to take ownership of creating a better work life balance for themselves. 

The result is a paid time off policy better than 75% of what top technology companies currently offer. With only 25% of the tech companies nationally offering a more competitive policy, it positions Central well not only in the insurance industry, but also in the tech and data spaces.

Central’s paid time off policy

Central’s revamped benefits package includes the following:

  • Additional paid time off: Every new hire will receive 20 days of vacation time at the start of their hire date. Additionally, employees with 10-24 years of service receive 25 days and those with 25+ years of service receive 30 days.
  • Expanded paid parental leave: To fully support growing families, Central added significantly to its parental leave policy. Both parents receive 100% paid leave for births, adoptions and placement of a child in foster care for 12 weeks.
  • Increased bereavement leave: In unfortunate circumstances such as death, Central wants to be a true companion and make sure employees take care of themselves by taking the time needed to grieve. Employees receive eight weeks of 100% paid leave for the death of a spouse or child.

Did you know? Grief is one of the most common human experiences. Approximately 2.5 million people die annually in the United States and leave loved ones behind to mourn the loss.

  • Added paid caregiver leave: To further support employees and their families, Central increased caregiver leave from zero to eight weeks with 100% pay to care for a family member with a serious health condition.
  • Paid sick days: Since minor illnesses for employees and their children are unpredictable, Central employees receive 10 new sick days a year.

Doubling down on mental health

Mental health is as important as physical health to an employee’s personal and professional well-being, but is often overlooked by employers. Health, social, and economic impacts have serious and far-reaching repercussions on our mental health and the demand for mental support services continues to grow. As a company intentionally focused on its employees, Central initiated a mental health program to ensure its employees and their families have access to the care, resources, and support they need.

“We place the health and well-being of our employees above all else,” says Wierwille. “ Our partnership with Westwood Behavioral Health Center will help eliminate barriers to mental health options—from therapy to group workshops—so our employees can live their best, most balanced lives.”

Each week, five mental health providers offer a combined total of 30 free outpatient therapy hours to Central employees to address a range of personal and professional challenges. Located close to Central’s campus, the Center ensures convenient access to in-person therapy and acute 24/7 services.

An unparalleled employee experience

From its forward-thinking flexible paid time off policy to mental health services and support, Central is taking the crucial steps towards doing what is best for its people, and the community as a whole. These policies will create an employee experience that reflects Central’s commitment to relationships, integrity, and excellence. To learn more, visit the Benefits page at


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